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Enrique Parra Dental Care

Denise Duncan

I went to Dr. Parra’s Dental Clinic in Liberia, Costa Rica on four visits in the time frame from 2016 – 2018 to have varied dental work completed. My first visit was to have the first stage of an implant, cleaning, crown replacements and replace amalgam fillings with white fillings. I fractured a root canal and as a result required an implant. I must admit that I was terrified to have the implant work completed. However, everything went extremely well with little pain after the procedure and the implant healed very nicely.

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Linda Wells

It took 6 months of extensive online research before I selected the Enrique Parra Dental Clinic in Costa Rica – I checked the dentist and clinic’s background, I followed-up on many positive testimonials and looked at many before and after photographs the dentist had performed similar to my needs and wants

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Leah Parker

After many years of being ashamed and embarrassed of my crooked, discolored teeth, I traveled to Costa Rica from the US where Dr. Parra positively changed my entire life. There are not existing words to adequately express my gratitude for the twenty beautifully-perfect and pristine veneers that were created for me.

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Norman Milan

Dr Enrique Parra is a fantastically skilled and aesthetically talented dental professional who, along with his dedicated and friendly staff, rightfully takes great pride in his work which, at a fraction of the cost of similar work in Canada or the USA, is second to none anywhere.

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Irene Dolata

I have had the pleasure of having veneers done at Dr Parra's dental clinic twice. I am a Canadian and have wanted front veneers for many years but it was financially impossible to have this work done in Canada. A friend recommended this clinic and after inquiring to the prices and quality of work I jumped on it and I am so pleased that I did. This team of professionals are friendly, accommodating and provide optimal care. Dr. Para guarantees his work and is not satisfied until you are!

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Patrice Lavergne

I was having problems with my teeth. I was losing them one by one. And then, spaces were created between my teeth. I went to a dentist for examination and it was really too expensive for me. I talked about my problem to my stepmother in law and she told me about the clinic of Dr Enrique Parra. I went for an exam and I was very satisfied with is diagnostic, is plan and is Price.

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Kevin Mcmullan

Dr. Parra was highly recommended by a friend who has been a repeat patient of his for years, and for good reason: the treatment I received from Dr. Parra and his staff was always most professional and caring, and the hygienic procedures rivaled any I have experienced in my country, the U.S.

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Keith and Sally

My wife and I were looking for a dentist in Costa Rica as we both needed some specific treatments.  We spoke to another Canadian and she recommended Dr. Parra.  She mentioned several of her friends had treatments at his clinic.  We then began to read more about Dr Parra on his very informative website.

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Penny Fenner

Mrs. Fenner (Penny here).


I am doing very well and really enjoying restoration of my teeth and smile. Dr. Parra is a compassionate professional, a gentleman and a caring perfectionist plying his practice of excellence in dentistry, management of a dedicated office staff and expert laboratory technicians on premises for executing patient options of dental appliances necessary for the treatment or for the correction of patient dental problems, all at affordable price, while bound by expediency of time restraints from USA visitor.

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Cathy Wason

Hola Dr. Parra


I wanted to thank you and your staff for everything! I appreciate Nancy's friendliness, Evelyn's gentle and caring treatment, and your professional, personal care and all your hard work to give me my smile back. You are a great team of professionals. Although I never liked going to the dentist you made the process virtually painless, comfortable and very rewarding.

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Jeffrey Brock

I was in your office recently and wanted to let you know that my visit was a welcomed surprise. Dr. Parra is truly gifted with kindness and a remarkable talent and skill to help those of us who don't like visiting a dentist due to the pain normally associated with dental work. He worked with me and my nervousness and was so kind and understanding. I am proud of the work he did for me and look forward to my next visit with Dr Parra so he may finish all my dental work. 


Maureen Peña

Date: Jul 22th 2013

Treatment:  Whole Teeth Restoration


Dear Dr Erique I am so happy, it has taken so long for me to communicate with you. May year has gone so fast spent most of it preparing for my daughter wedding in may. Can't thank you enough for the beautiful job you did on my teeth. I am constantly being complimented on my smile. It was amazing to me that you completed my whole mouth in one week which i never expected when i visited you, i expected only partial treatment.

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Doug Casey & Jeanne Shiroma's



After visiting several dentists in Oregon and doing research on the internet, we decided to combine a vacation with some pretty major dental work we needed done. From grinding my teeth I required restoration (crowns) to my top six front teeth, a molar root canal, a molar crown and three fillings. My wife needed a root canal post plus three crowns. From our very first contact, we were impressed with Dr. Parra's office's quick response and how obliging everyone was to our schedule including coming in on a Saturday! All of the employees we dealt with were truly awesome, especially Dr. Parra, his wife, dental assistant Freydel and Dr. Estrada, as well as the other dental assistants and receptionists.

Dr. Parra's facility is very clean and their professionalism, quality of care and compassion is unsurpassed. My wife has a very small mouth (every dentist tells her the smallest they have ever worked on) and has an extremely low pain threshold; however, everyone....especially Dr. Parra...was so patient and compassionate, and worked hard to make the experience as comfortable as possible. I doubt I'll ever get her to go to another dentist.

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Star Krumpe



I am please to write a review of my experience at Dr. Parra's Clinic. I found the clinic by researching the internet for a dentist in the Liberia area. After reading the testimonials and corresponding through email with his office, I made an appointment to have a broken tooth repaired during our upcoming trip to Costa Rica. All correspondence with the office was promptly answered.

When I arrived at clinic, I was greeted by Susan, who was very kind, efficient, and pleasant to work with. Dr. Parra performed an examination and explained my options for treatment. With his guidance, I decided to proceed with getting 2 crowns to repair the damage. The procedure was pain free and I am very pleased with the results.
Dr. Parra and his staff were very friendly and kind. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone or to return myself if I need any additional dental procedures performed.

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Shirley Kautz



Writing to tell you how very much I appreciate your kindness and courtesy while performing my dental work. I am back in the USA with such beautiful teeth. The virtually painless dentistry was so great. ( I loved your music too!)

We so enjoyed your beautiful country and the beautiful people.

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Roberto Barlettano

Date: Oct, 2013

Treatment:  Teeth Restoration


Estoy muy agradecido a la vida por haberme dado la oportunidad y suerte de escoger el mejor servicio Medico Dental. No encuentro palabras para expresar la felicidad y el agradecimiento que tengo en este momento. Cambiaste mi vida …….

Gracias Dr. Enrique Parra, que desde el principio no me hizo sentir como un paciente mas, si no como un amigo, además del servicio personalizado, profesionalismo y la última tecnología, fue algo sin precedentes. Su interés y su pasión hacia mi persona profesionalmente hablando, fue más allá de mis expectativas logrando una satisfacción absoluta. También agradezco a sus asistentes Freydel & Ericka por sus eficientes atenciones, positivismo y esa belleza interior que les acompaña siempre.

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Date: Aug, 2013

Treatment: Veneers


My visit with Dr. Parra was great. He was accommodating with my schedule and took the time to answer all my questions and provided me with feedback. I'm very happy with the work done and my new smile.

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Terri Pickard

Date: Aug, 2013



I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Dr. Parra and his outstanding staff. I am 35 year old women from Canada who needed a lot of dental/orthodontic work done due to immense grinding. Having planned a trip to Costa Rica merely for vacation, following friend’s testimonials of dental work they had completed, I decide to look into getting my restoration work done there once my ortho was completed. I came across Dr. Parra's website and was thoroughly impressed. Response from his office was always efficient, professional, helpful and informative.

The office staff via phone and email gladly answered questions and addressed any concerns that I had while I was still in Canada. When I finally visited Costa Rica and started the restoration process, the experience did not disappoint. The office was sparkling clean, the staff welcoming, and the dentist, personable. They immediately made me feel comfortable. After consultation with the dentist, I decided to have a filling replaced in addition to the 10 crowns I needed and the upper and lower retainers to compliment my ortho. The experience hands down was better than I ever thought it could be. I never felt like the dentist was trying to push me to get unnecessary work done in order to make a quick buck, in fact, he actually talked me out of replacing a filling and doing 4 veneers because he didn’t feel the work was needed and he didn’t want me to spend money if I didn’t need to.

All said and done, he was right! After three visits, I had a brand new smile that looked amazing and automatically generated a confidence I never had. Though my smile was looked good, the test was going to see my orthodontist back in Canada the day after I returned home. Initially he wasn't keen on me having work done abroad but after he saw the results and tested the fit of the crowns, he was beyond impressed. His direct quote was " you couldn't have gotten a better job done in Canada". This was the icing on the cake. My experience was amazing and I certainly would do it again!

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Russell House

Date: Feb, 2013

Treatment: Full Mouth Restoration


It has been over six months since Dr. Parra completed my dental treatment. I couldn't be more pleased! I liked how there were fewer and longer appointment times to complete the work. My problems were caused my lack of consciousness care, no doubt. But they were compounded, at times, by poor and inadequate professional care. Cost is not an indication of quality. Dr Parra's treatment was a fraction of the cost that I was quoted in the States. I took my granddaughter, spent 3wks in CR and the total cost was half what the cost would be here.

In fact after the initial exam, Dr Parra and I together decided on a plan that was less than his original estimate! But getting something done cheaply doesn't mean it is a good value. Value is good price and good work. I felt the whole time that everyone in the office - - from the assistants to lab workers to Dr Parra himself were trying to do the best job for me that they could. That is really all you can ask from anyone. Coupled with the skills they have, it is a pretty unbeatable situation for the patient.

After the final day of placement and fitting, I didn't even need the appointment the next day for "touch up" adjustments. That probably is the exception but that was my experience. After these several months, still no problems. I appreciate the care and would recommend Dr Parra's service to anyone. Feel free to use this note and my pictures anyway you choose. If you have potential patients that would like to contact me directly, give them my email address. Pura Vida.......... Russell

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Cynthia Martin

Date: Aug, 2013



Thank you for doing such a great job on my teeth. The veneers look like my teeth and fit wonderfully. I am so pleased and would recommend Dr. Parr and his team. They are kind, courteous and professional, wouldn't hesitate to have Dr. Parr and his team do any other dental work that may arise in the future.

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Date: Jul, 2013

Treatment: Teeth problem


I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Parra for all the work he completed on my teeth. I had some work done in February 2010 in the US. This dentist ground down my front 6 teeth and capped them. From that time until early 2013 I had to have 4 root canals. I knew that I had serious problems. I had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica and found out about Dr Parra.

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Alec Wilson

Date: Ago, 2012

Treatment: Dental Implants


We had an easy trip back, although it was rough to return to 'real life' after two weeks of warmth and relaxation. We are both so pleased with his teeth. Truly, I could not have imagined things going as well as they did. People are amazed when they hear how much work you did and that Alec didn't experience any severe pain. We have given your contact information out to several people, including a co-worker of Alec's named Karen. Hopefully she will be in touch with you soon. I keep telling Alec he looks like he's a handsome guy from a toothpaste commercial. His facial expressions are different now because he doesn't have to worry about hiding his teeth when he smiles.

He probably didn't mention this, but you should know that fixing his teeth was much more than just improving the look of his smile. All of the men on his father's side of the family have died around age 52 from heart attacks. We knew we had to get his teeth fixed because the bacteria entering his blood stream from his decaying teeth created a serious health risk. You gave him back his self confidence, but more importantly helped his heart. We are so incredibly grateful to you and your team. If you ever need an additional testimonial for your website, please let us know. I would be more than happy to write about our experience.

Thank you so much!

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Nuran Aras

Date: Ago, 2013

Treatment: Dental Implants


I found Dr. Parra's clinic through my research on the internet before leaving for Costa Rica. I looked at the fotos and read all of the claims made on his web site, and found them all to be truthful.

I especially want to compliment Dr. Parra's assistant Ericka. She never failed to cheerfully answer my questions and help me in every way. Communication within his office staff and Dr. Parra was excellent. No one could be more efficient and speedy in answering emails than she has been during my treatment.

All in all this has been an excellent experience for me. All procedures done quickly and efficiently, and if any problems arouse they were handled quickly also.

I am very happy that Dr. Parra handled my dental implants. Thank you very much to Dr. Parra and his staff for excellent work,

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Raymond Goulet

Montreal, Canada

Treatment: Full mouth restoration including two implants


I was quite impressed by Doctor Parra and his clinic. The work was performed competently and for a much lower cost than in Canada (70 % less).

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Sandy Bonkowsky


Date: Ene, 2013

Treatment: Complete restore. 


I am more than happy to share my experience concerning Dr Parra and his staff. I will be forever grateful for the excellent care he provided  ... read more



Sherron Milan

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Treatment: Crowns, Bridgework, Implants

Date: April 2013


There is little doubt that I will be returning to beautiful, friendly, laid-back Costa Rica in few months to have crowns placed on my implants. And why not? When I can go to a tropical paradise for a week or so and get my 3 crowns done all for less than I have priced out the crowns alone at home….  

¡Muchas Gracias Clinica Dental Enrique Parra!...

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Keith Casey


Date: Dec, 2012

Treatment: Implants restore. 


I wish Dr. Parra had told me they were going to take pictures ahead of time so I could have  ... read more







Virginia Forbes

Florida, USA

Date: Oct, 2012

Treatment: Procelain Crowns and Veneers


I was very recently a patient of Dr. Enrique Parra and am pleased to write this letter ... read more





Paul Kamill


Date: August, 2012

Treatment: All Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain fused to base metal Crowns.


Exemplary dental care from an excellent and caring team. ... read more





Vicki Kay

Texas, USA

Date: August, 2012

Treatment: Full Mouth Restoration: All Porcelain Crowns.


I am very pleased to share my experiences with Dr. Parra and his wonderful staff! I had been in need of extensive restorative work for many years. I had a mouthful of old fillings and a silver crown left over from childhood  ... read more






Indiana, USA

Date: July, 2012

Treatment: Porcelain Crowns, Whitening.


Hi Doctor Parra, My teeth are doing beautifully... read more







Florida, USA

Date: May, 2012

Treatment: Upper Teeth Restoration


It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Parra for his exceptional dental practice in ... read more





Gary Schrock


Date: May, 2012

Treatment: All Porcelain Crowns


This was my second trip to see Dr. Parra. I was impressed with Dr. Parra from the very beginning and when I needed additional dental work, my wife and I decided to return to Liberia for more dental work.  ... read more





James Eirikson

Date: April, 2012

Treatment: Porcelain crowns, bridges


My visit with Dr Parra in Liberia was a result of some extensive research done online. In need of some major dental work, I decided that Costa Rica was the place to go and Dr Parra was the dental surgeon of choice. ... read more





Judy Hildebrand


Date: March, 2012

Treatment: Full Mouth Restoration


So, you are thinking about seeking dental work in another country, dental work that is of a high caliber but doesn’t ding your wallet too much. Look no more….Dr Parra’s Dental Clinic in Liberia Costa Rica is THE PLACE to come! ... read more




Carole Heroux



Fernandina Beach, Florida. USA

Treatment:Crowns, Bridge, Root canal

Date of treatment: February 2012 


I should like to say that I am amazed that you accomplished so much in such a limited amount of time. You replaced all of the necessary missing crowns, created a bridge for my missing tooth and did a root extraction that I thought would require a dental surgeon!  ... read more




Edmonton, Canada

Date Treatment:  February, 2012

Treatment:  Implants


I can't say enough about Dr. Parra, as a person and a dentist. I was terrified of going but once there, his office and he were very pleasant and comforting. Some people are nervous about using a dentist in a foreign country, but after much research I found Dr. Parra. He came highly recommended and after my experiences, I can't agree more.  ... read more



Princeton, Canada

Date: January, 2012

Treatment: All Porcelain Crowns


Following unforeseen circumstances Dr. Parra and my paths crossed. In need of dental work, we quickly knew that Dr. Parra was the dentist to do the work. After speaking with him and reading testimonials on his web site we knew our decision was the right one.

Dr. Parra was gentle, and very professional in every procedure from administering the local anaesthetic without pain to all the extensive prelimary work in the restoration process.  ... read more




Esther Donovan

Princeton, Canada

Date: January, 2012

Treatment: All Porcelain Crowns


We found our experience with Dr. Parra very positive. Although we hadn’t planned on the extensive work that we had done – because of the savings over the Canadian prices and the professional work he provides we decided to have full restoration done for both of us. We appreciated being put on heavy appointments so that we could complete the dental work at the beginning of our vacation and found his staff to be very helpful and professional. ... read more





Kevin & Adele Parkinson


Date: January, 2012

Treatment: Zirconia Crowns


My wife and I have come to Liberia 3 times in the past 4 years to undergo dental work at Enrique Parra Dental Care. In January, 2012 we had 4 appointments for major restorative work. We have nothing but praise for the strong work ethic of Dr. Parra and the excellent results produced. Congratulations to all staff on a job well done!"... read more





Vancuover, Canada 

Treatment: Filings, Crowns, Bridge

Date of treatment: November 2011


I am more than happy to write a testimonial about my experience with Dr. Parra and his wonderful staff, Daniella, Carla and Marta.  

I've had treatment in Dr. Enrique Parra clinic and can highly recommend it. The quality of dental work is excellent; Dr. Parra and his team do their job professionally and fast. I was staying in luxury house provided by the clinic and was feeling very safe there. All in all I am very satisfied and will most probably come again when I need to... read more




Richard Reid


Victoria, Canada

Treatments: Dentures

Date of treatment: November,2011


To all my fellow Canadians;

If you are in need of any serious dental work then look no further than Dr. Enrique Parra and his exceptional staff. Not only is the dental work of the highest quality, it is also very inexpensive compared to dental work in Canada. .. read more




Paula Jay

North California, USA  

Treatment: Full Mouth Restoration

Date of treatment: October 2011


I am more than happy to write a testimonial about my experience with Dr. Parra and his wonderful staff, Daniella, Carla and Marta.  

I, also, needed extensive dental work done.  My mouth was a mixture of crowns of different ages and shades of color, of teeth that would soon need to be crowned, and a two tooth space that needed to be filled with either a bridge or two implants.  In other words I needed a lot of dental work!.. read more



Preston Howard

Texas, USA  

Treatment: Implants, Crowns

Date of treatment: August 2011


Regarding my new dentiture... I am so proud and pleased with the quality, function, and cost of the work I am overwhelmed. I tell everyone. I can chew my food properly and the alignment is perfect. The dental work is solid as a rock. I just can't say enough about the care I received from you and your lovely staff.

The experience was so much more though. Traveling Costa Rica is something that has changed my life more



Gerhard Beutelspacher

California, USA  

Treatment: Full Mouth Restoration

Date of treatment: August 2011


I turned to the internet and researched dental tourism .Having myself been born and raised in Germany, Dr. Parra's background as a master dental technician and being fluent in German sparked my interest. 
After checking Dr. Parra's credentials and some of the testimonials,my initial more



Valerie Jones

Florida, USA  

Treatment: Crowns, bridges

Date of treatment: August 2011


I was visiting from Tampa, Florida with a friend and she had a beautiful outcome with Dr.Parra and staff. A year later visiting Costa Rica I made an appointment to see Dr. Parra. I had grinded my teeth for years and also needed a crown,bridge,cavaties, and I also wanted to improve the exterior of my teeth by getting vaneers. The staff was very helpful and friendly throughout the whole procedure. There was little..

.Valerie Jones



Bruce Feller

Texas, USA  

Treatment: Full Mouth Restoration

Date of treatment: June 2011


We just returned from our trip to Costa Rica and...WOW, my husband is absolutely thrilled with his total mouth restoration! When I began researching how we could possibly afford the 28 crowns he needed, I was very impressed with all of the information and credentials associated with Dr. Parra's Clinica more



Robin Hagemeyer

Texas, USA  

Treatment: Full Mouth Restoration

Date of treatment: June 2011


Hi Everyone!

"I cannot recommend Dr. Parra and his staff highly enough.  I really wanted to write this testimonial for two reasons: #1) Dr. Parra is the best dentist I have ever had and I would recommend him to anyone and #2) If it had not been for the other patients who had written testimonials and then let me email them to ask personal questions myself, I would never have had the courage to do it.   I have to admit I was really nervous about going to a foreign country to have dental work done. more



Laura Cannon

Texas, USA

Treatment: Full Mouth Restoration

Date of treatment: May 2011


Hi Everyone!

"I cannot recommend Dr. Parra and his staff highly enough.  I really wanted to write this testimonial for two reasons:

#1) Dr. Parra is the best dentist I have ever had and I would recommend him to anyone and #2) If it had not been for the other patients who had written testimonials and then let me email them to ask personal questions myself, I would never have had the courage to do it. 

I have to admit I was really nervous about going to a foreign country to have dental work done.  I had terrible dental anxiety and had always used nitrous oxide for treatments in the more




Myrtle Beach, SC


"I have suffered with my teeth for many years even though I'm young and healthy. I have endured miserable experiences with several dental practices and left with the feeling of being taken advantage of. After a year of research and correspondence, I decided to travel to Liberia, Costa Rica to have my work done by Dr. Parra and his team." more



Jorge & Lucy Ballara



 It took 4 months of serious research on our part to find and select Dr. Enrique Parra D.D.S. Our search started with a bleak diagnosis by our U.S. dentist of what was needed to fix both of our dental needs and the cost. In my case, an extensive overhaul of my entire teeth. I needed root canals, possibly orthodontics and replacement of bridges and more




New Mexico


 "I was truly amazed that you could prepare my teeth in two morning visits, and then after one day off for lab prep, my crowns and veeners were being installed using no anesthesia. You are truly a professional in every sense of the word, as well as having the artistic touch needed to create beautiful smiles. I certainly plan to recommend your services to friends and family, as I know they will be in good hands for any dental work they might need." more



Preston Crumpton

Texas, USA


 I would just like to say I am absolutely thrilled with the dental work you did for me in Costa Rica. You really made our trip from the US worth it. I have never experienced such care and consideration from a dentist. You were much better than any dentist I've ever visited in America. You spent many hours perfecting my teeth, even until the very last day,you gave 100% to your craft and artistic judgement. more




British Columbia, Canada


 It may have been divine intervention that placed me in the offices of Dr. Enrique Parra. This outstanding practitioner of the art of dentistry along with his wife/assistant have formed an exceptional team capable of addressing even the most difficult dental more




Guanacaste, Costa Rica


 “In November 2009, I chipped a front artificial tooth. I called Dr. Parra’s office and he worked me into his schedule that same day. During the visit, he did a temporary repair that matched perfectly and the following day he did the permanent tooth replacement. I am extremely happy with the results, personal service, level of care and all at a very reasonable cost” more




Oregon, USA


 My husband and I had some dental work preformed by Dr. Enrique Parra at his clinic in Liberia, Costa Rica and were very satisfied with his knowledge, professionalism and high standards of hygiene at his practice. Although it is no secrete that prices of dental work in Costa Rica are substantially less then in the US, this is not what makes more




Alberta, Canada


 Dr. Parra is a highly skilled dentist who does superb work while you are holidaying in beautiful Costa Rica. He'll even work around your schedule... so what more could you ask for! more




Ontario, Canada


 Both my wife and I were very pleased with the work that Dr. Parra did for us and we would not hesitate to return if further work was needed. He is very professional in his approach and the dental work he does is of a very high more



John Morris

Colorado, USA


 Dr. Parra's Bio. checked out well and I made an appointment for consultation on a Wednesday afternoon. I was considering upper implants at the time. After having a panoramic xray taken, Dr. Parra discussed my prognosis and said where as my roots were in good shape, I would be well off with Crowns instead of implants and it would not be near as costly. My decision was made and on Thursday morning my upper teeth were prepared for crowns and a false set put into more



Peter and Lisa Brown


 I can not thank you enough for all you and your wonderful staff did for Peter and me. We are both so very happy with the work you did from the root canal and crowns to the fillings. The genuine concern for us to have a pain free experience was so endearing, especially considering the last crown I had in the United States. We could not have received better care in the United States. I highly recommend that Costa Rica and Dr. Parra are the place to go for dental more



Dave and Jan Dear Enrique and Girls,


 I just received this e-mail from Mr. Morley inquiring about you and your services. Not sure how he got my e-mail but it made me feel terrible because I have never written to you to let you know how wonderful you and your family are. Life just got to hectic for me and I would think of you but fail to write and say, "THANK YOU" more



Klaus Willmann


 I was in need of extensive / expensive dental work, so I checked out dental vacations in other countries. There are low cost dental clinics in Juarez Mexico, but with all the violence there, I opted for Dr. Parra's clinic in Costa Rica. It was a leap of faith to go to another country and visit a new dentist, but I felt it was worth more